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It’s a pleasure to feature  Award-winning Atlanta designer, Janie Hirsch. I love her eclectic combination of classic design;  incorporating the old with the new and creating a livable and enjoyable environment — I hope you enjoy!

How did you become interested in interior design?

My father was an extremely talented architect and watercolor artist in Lake Charles, LA where I grew up. Besides being daddy’s little girl, he had a major influence on me, and how I viewed the world. He would take me to work with him when I was young and I would walk around and ask the other architects and designers questions about what they were working on. So, needless to say, I was around great design and artwork throughout my childhood. As I got closer to college, it was a natural desire and talent that I decided to cultivate and make my lifelong career. He taught me an appreciation for architecture and interior design that I would not have experienced otherwise.

How did you combine classic taste with modern living?
Classic taste can be interpreted in many ways.  Always keeping the client’s lifestyle and needs in the forefront helped keep the task at hand. By using fabrics that will wear well and clean well, I could apply them to classic designs for a very livable environment. To me, mixing antiques with any style of design always makes a room feel special and timeless. And after all, antiques have weathered the years both with their style and what they represent.

What role did color and texture play in your design?
Color is always a great way to make a statement in a home, whether it is with neutrals or bold color. I used both cool and warm neutral tones throughout the home ranging from gold to grey to mushroom and then spiced it up with some paprika and soft grey-green. The combination came off as very soothing with a bit of sophistication. Texture was also an important factor in the fabrics and finishes. In mixing velvet with cotton, linen, bamboo, and wool to mention a few, everything was nice to the touch and comfortable to sit in. Most fabrics were made of natural fibers- some were also considered green and sustainable, due to the type of fabric and the way they were processed.

What do you do, or where do you go, for inspiration?
For inspiration, I love to travel when I can. I love Paris and all of France…any and all things French. Someday, I will have an apartment in Paris and hopefully have the time to enjoy it. I also love Italy and England. As for the USA, there are so many fabulous cities to visit for inspiration, such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans. And here in Atlanta, there are numerous places to see and experience. Museums, art galleries, antique stores, and show houses are always inspiring, especially if you can experience some sort of history in the process. Lastly, magazines and books give me some excitement and inspiration also.


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