SPORTS / DEPORTES: Gold Cup Final USA vs. México

USA vs. México…who will be the 2011 Gold Cup Champion? / Estados Unidos vs México…¿quién será campeón de la Copa Oro?

2011 GOLD CUP FINAL: Mexico vs USA Saturday, June 25 @9PM

It may not be Argentina-Brazil, or even England-Germany, but in CONCACAF, Mexico vs. USA is the biggest show in soccer. Saturday, in Pasadena, Calif., the region’s two best teams will meet to renew an old rivalry and to lay claim to the title of the best CONCACAF offers.

Since the inception of the Gold Cup in 1991, the United States and Mexico have met four times in the final, with the first coming in 1993. This weekend’s showdown will push the total to five in only the 11th edition of the tournament.

“I think everybody is looking forward to Mexico-U.S. in the final,” USA defender Carlos Bocanegra said. “I think when you look out you see the two favorites and you say ‘Okay, it could be us and Mexico in the final.’ It’s 90,000, 100,000 in the Rose Bowl. So, sweet game.”

Despite a slow start for the USA, with an endlessly talked about loss to Panama, and Mexico’s impressive walk through the group stage, both teams managed to slide through the quarter.

The past history shows that Mexico has been dominant head-to-head on CONCACAF’s biggest stage, with three wins in four meetings between the two teams in the final. But this will be third time in a row the two teams have played for yhe crown, with the last two being split.

Here’s a look at the history of Gold Cup finals between Mexico and the USA.
Year Host Winner Result Loser Goalscorers
1993 USA/Mexico Mexico 4-0 USA Ambriz, Armstrong (own goal), Zague, Cantú
1998 USA Mexico 1-0 USA Hernández
2007 USA USA 2-1 Mexico Guardado (MEX); Feilhaber, Donovan (USA)
2009 USA Mexico 5-0 USA Torrado, Dos Santos, Vela, Franco, Castro

Mexico has won a total of eight CONCACAF titles, with five from the Gold Cup, while the USA has won only four overall with all of them coming since the CONCACAF Championship tournament was re-branded.

Only once, in the 2000 tournament when Canada came out on top, has a team other than Mexico or the USA won the Gold Cup.

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I don’t know about you, but I will be cheering for México & am believing that México will win 2-1! 🙂Enjoy watching the 2011 Gold Cup Final on Saturday & have a great weekend!!

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