SPORTS / DEPORTES: Dallas Mavs take a 3-2 lead over Miami Heat in the NBA Finals – who will win Game 6?

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DALLAS – In the aftermath of their loss to the Miami Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals, the Dallas Mavericks couldn’t stop making excuses. The Heat hadn’t so much won the title, Dallas decided, as it had been given to them, courtesy of poor officiating or the Mavs fumbling away the critical third game.

Eventually the whining so annoyed Dwyane Wade(notes), the MVP of that series, that he went right back at Dallas, right back at Dirk Nowitzki’s(notes) version of events, and blasted it all.

“Dirk says they gave us the championship last year, but he’s the reason they lost,” Wade told Miami reporters in 2007. It’s “because he wasn’t the leader that he’s supposed to be in the closing moments.

“At the end of the day, you’re remembered for what you did at the end.”

Nowitzki has said nothing during this series about those words, about that charge against him half a decade ago.

Whatever his failure then has been corrected. Dallas has taken control of these Finals, taken mighty Miami and its all-star crew to the brink, taken the veneer of inevitability and invincibility right off LeBron James(notes) and Co. because Nowitzki has turned into a leader for the ages.

Dallas beat Miami 112-103 here Thursday and the Mavericks are now up 3-2 heading into Sunday’s Game 6 back in Florida. And it wasn’t just Nowitzki’s game-high 29 points that made it so.

It was how he’s helped build up a supporting crew of castoffs and role players, how he’s demanded excellence from starters and subs alike, how he’s found the perfect balance of knowing when to take command of a game and when to defer to a better option.

The Heat are a collection of talent still searching for their roles, still seeking consistency and accountability and urgency. It’s LeBron trying to sunshine another loss with “we played good enough to win.” Dallas has turned into this machine that keeps coming and coming and coming, undeterred by talent, unwilling to compromise.

“Persistence is our game,” Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said.

When six straight points gave the Heat a 96-95 lead with just 5:16 remaining, when America Airlines Center had gone from deafening to doubting, when it all seemed to be slipping away, there was the 7-foot German in the huddle during a timeout, pleading for exactly that persistence.

“Just stick with it,” he shouted. “Just stick with it.”

This was the series on the line. The Mavs had hit a million shots and were losing anyway. They were in the process of holding LeBron to another quiet fourth quarter (just two points) and were about to blow it still. So after Nowitzki was done talking – and after Wade had increased Miami’s lead with a 3-pointer – Nowitzki demanded the ball, got to the lane, got fouled and, of course, knocked down his free throws.

“Kind of settle everyone down,” he said. “I thought it was big of us not to shoot a bad jumper and they go down in transition again.”

He then stepped back and let his guys rise up. It was Jason Terry(notes), who Nowitzki had called out earlier in this series, draining two back-breaking 3-pointers. It was Shawn Marion(notes), previously benched in crunch time, producing a key steal. It was blue-collar Tyson Chandler(notes) delivering a huge block. It was Jason Kidd(notes) burying a 24-footer.

After his free throws, Nowitzki would never need to score again. Dallas would deliver a 17-4 knockout run, and the most clutch performer in these playoffs – hero of big shot after big shot – didn’t need to do all the scoring.

Nowitzki has the Mavericks exactly where he wants them – believing so fully in themselves that they’ve found a way to close out games that all of Miami’s heavy hitters can’t.

And yes, it’s his team. It’s unequivocally his Mavericks. There isn’t a debate here; no star-by-committee system. He’s taken a hold of this group the way he grabs the news conference microphone. Owner Mark Cuban has stopped talking to the media, seemingly lifting a mountain of pressure off his troops. Carlisle is comfortable deflecting praise onto the players and spends half his time crediting Dirk effusively.

After the game, Terry talked about one of his late, contested threes, and acknowledged he was so confident he probably would’ve taken it even if the shot clock wasn’t running down.

“Dirk don’t want to hear that,” Terry said.

Not Carlisle, the coach. Dirk, the leader.

This has been an impossibly tight series, every game coming down to the final minute, if not the final shot. Across the way the Heat are still fumbling with how to finish, wondering who should take the shot, who should step up on defense. They stand around and look at each other. Some won’t shoot. Some shoot too much. Some won’t defend. Some chase themselves out of position.

Until these Finals, the Heat were able to overwhelm opponents in the final minutes. They just swallowed up the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. Now they’ve met an opponent with even more will, with an even greater killer instinct.

It was supposed to be the Heat that could count on a committee at the end. It was supposed to be this purposefully assembled triumvirate that would cause the defensive chaos. Would Wade take the final shot? Would LeBron? Would they drop down to Chris Bosh(notes)? Was there any way to cover them all?

Instead it was Miami coach Erik Spoelstra who looked out of ideas, looked resigned to the fact that Dallas just won’t stop coming for the crown.

“It is not easy against this team,” he said.

When everyone thought it would be Nowitzki who would try to win it, he flipped the script and here came Terry, Marion and Kidd. Here, earlier in the game, came J.J. Berea, this 5-foot-9 blur seemingly out of a pick-up game at the Y, torturing the Heat with 17 gut-punch points.

“Nowitzki requires at least the attention of 1½ and often two guys,” Spoelstra said. “…A lot of actions involve Nowitzki.”

It all comes through Dirk now, here in this tightest of Finals, here in this endless parade of pressurized moments. Torn tendon. High fever. Double teams. Nothing is stopping him. Nothing is keeping him from doing exactly what Dwyane Wade roasted him about five years ago.

“At the end of the day,” Wade said back then, “you’re remembered for what you did at the end.”

It’s 3-2 Dallas now. It’s one game from everything for these Mavericks. It’s one win from answering that long-ago criticism for Dirk Nowitzki.


SPORTS / DEPORTES: 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup Schedule

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2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup Schedule / 2011 CONCAF Horario para la Copa de Oro

Sunday, June 5, 2011 @ 6:00 PM ET
Costa Rica vs Cuba
Group A
Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX

8:00 PM ET
Mexico vs El Salvador
Group A
Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX

Monday, June 6, 2011 @ 9:00 PM ET
Jamaica vs Grenada
Group B
The Home Depot Center Carson, CA

11:00 PM ET
Honduras vs Guatemala
Group B
The Home Depot Center Carson, CA

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 @ 6PM ET
Panama vs Guadeloupe
Group C
Ford Field Detroit, MI

8:00 PM ET
United States vs Canada
Group C
Ford Field Detroit, MI

Thursday, June 9, 2011 @ 7PM ET
Costa Rica vs El Salvador
Group A
Bank of America Stadium Charlotte, NC

9:00 PM ET
Cuba vs Mexico
Group A
Bank of America Stadium Charlotte, NC

Friday, June 10, 2011 @ 7:00 PM ET
Jamaica vs Guatemala
Group B
FIU Stadium

9:00 PM ET
Grenada vs Honduras
Group B
FIU Stadium

Saturday, June 11, 2011 @ 6:00 PM ET
Canada vs Guadeloupe
Group C
Raymond James Stadium Tampa, FL

8:00 PM ET
United States vs Panama
Group C
Raymond James Stadium Tampa, FL

Sunday, June 12, 2011 @ 6:00 PM ET
El Salvador vs Cuba
Group A
Soldier Field Chicago, IL

8:00 PM ET
Costa Rica
Group A
Soldier Field Chicago, IL

Monday, June 13, 2011 @ 7:00 PM ET
Guatemala vs Grenada
Group B
Red Bull Arena

9:00 PM ET
Honduras vs Jamaica
Group B
Red Bull Arena

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 7:00 PM ET
Canada vs Panama
Group C
LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Kansas City, KS

9:00 PM ET
United States
Group C
LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Kansas City, KS

Saturday, June 18, 2011 @ 5:00 PM ET
New Meadowlands Stadium Rutherfod, NJ
8:00 PM ET
New Meadowlands Stadium Rutherford, NJ

Sunday, June 19, 2011 – Quarterfinal @ 3:00 PM ET
RFK Memorial Stadium Washington, DC
6:00 PM ET
RFK Memorial Stadium Washington, DC

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 – Semifinal @ 7:00 PM ET
Reliant Stadium Houston, TX
10:00 PM ET
Reliant Stadium Houston, TX

Saturday, June 25, 2011 – Final @ 9:00 PM ET
Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA

SPORTS / DEPORTES: Soccer International Friendlies

Fri., Jun. 3
Bolivia vs. Paraguay
S. Korea vs. Serbia

Sat., Jun. 4
Brazil vs. Netherlands
Peru vs. Czech Rep.
USA vs. Spain

Sun., Jun. 5
Australia vs. New Zealand
Poland vs. Argentina

Mon., Jun. 6
Ukraine vs. France
Sat., May 28
Mexico 1-1 Ecuador

Sun., May 29
Ireland 1-0 Scotland
Germany 2-1 Uruguay
El Salvador 2-2 Honduras

Wed., Jun. 1
Japan 0-0 Peru
Nigeria 4-1 Argentina
Canada 2-2 Ecuador
Mexico 3-0 New Zealand
Guatemala 0-2 Venezuela

SPORTS / DEPORTES: México cerró su preparación para la Copa Oro goleando a Nueva Zelanda 3-0

DENVER, Colorado–Con una victoria llena de interrogantes, por 3-0 sobre un equipo de Nueva Zelanda que ofreció muy poco, la selección mexicana de futbol cerró esta noche su preparación hacia la Copa de Oro de la Concacaf.


El técnico José Manuel de la Torre puso de inicio en la cancha del Invesco Field a su cuadro titular y le bastaron los primeros 45 minutos para sacar el triunfo con una buena actuación de Giovani Dos Santos, quien anotó en los minutos 22 y 30, y uno más de Aldo de Nigris, al 43.

El “Tricolor” comenzará su lucha por revalidar el título de la Copa de Oro a partir de este domingo, ante la representación de El Salvador en Arlington, Texas.

Giovani Dos Santos inició por el ausente Antonio Naelson “Sinha” y conforme transcurrieron los minutos se pudo familiarizar con la posición de creativo y con el balón hasta inaugurar el marcador y aportar más en el triunfo.

Parece extraño que Pablo Barrera no sea titular en el club inglés West Ham, porque hoy desbordó cuantas veces quiso por su banda natural derecha y por la izquierda en las pocas veces que intercambió con Andrés Guardado, aunque es obvio que se deben guardar las proporciones por las relativas facilidades que dieron los oceánicos.

Lo negativo de Barrera es que mandó centros elevados que facilitaron la labor de los larguiruchos defensas contrarios, mientras el centrocampista Israel Castro desaprovechó al minuto dos una devolución de Pablo, al enviar su remate a la derecha.

Barrera se cambió a la izquierda y prolongó el avance con Carlos Salcido, quien envió fortísimo centro por abajo que rechazó el guardameta a favor de Gio y éste empalmó para anidar la de gajos, al minuto 22.

Barrera hizo el regate por derecha y ante tres defensas prefirió tocar al capitán Gerardo Torrado, quien envió centro por abajo que no pudo cortar Ivan Vicelich, Gio controló el esférico prolongándolo un poco a la derecha para superar la llegada de un zaguero y la salida del portero para luego marcar el 2-0, al minuto 30.

Andrés Guardado también tuvo su asistencia, en el minuto 43, al desbordar por su banda y mandar un servicio preciso a la llegada de Aldo de Nigris, quien empujó el esférico para el 3-0.

Los de Oceanía terminaron el primer tiempo desfigurados como equipo y con el inicio del segundo periodo pusieron orden a la defensiva, además de que el técnico José Manuel de la Torre hizo cuatro cambios y el equipo perdió mucha presencia en una cancha muy desgastada.

Tanto perdió el equipo mexicano que los de Nueva Zelanda tuvieron oportunidad para cruzar la línea de medio campo y hasta amenazaron con anotar, pero su falta de técnica y bagaje futbolístico se los impidieron.

El cuarto tanto de la noche, para decepción de los miles de aficionados mexicanos, se esfumó como un suspiro en el minuto 90, en el cobro de Christian Bermúdez de un tiro de esquina por derecha.

El balón llegó por segundo poste y el defensa central Francisco Javier Rodríguez remató de derecha a placer, pero el esférico se estrelló en el palo y el zaguero sólo sonrió ante su suerte.

El árbitro Therry Vaughn condujo el encuentro sin dificultades y su único error fue no haber expulsado a Dave Mulligan por artera entrada sobre Salcido. El colegiado amonestó al mexicano Gerardo Torrado (al minuto 51) y al neozelandés Dave Mulligan (51).

DENVER, Colorado–Giovani dos Santos scored twice to lead Mexico to a 3-0 friendly win over New Zealand on Wednesday in its final tuneup game before defending its CONCACAF Gold Cup title.

Aldo de Nigris also scored as Mexico went three goals up in the first half against an inexperienced New Zealand defense, then made wholesale changes to its lineup for the second half.

This was Mexico’s last game before the Gold Cup, where it will play in Group A against Costa Rica, Cuba and El Salvador. The team starts with El Salvador on Sunday and Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez is expected to be with the squad.

Hernandez missed the game against New Zealand, still recovering after playing in last weekend’s European Champions League final.

Dos Santos, who spent the second half of the just-completed European season on loan from Tottenham at Racing Santander, put Mexico on the board first when he scored off a rebound in the 23rd minute. Carlos Salcido took a shot that bounced off the hands of New Zealand keeper Glen Moss and straight to the foot of dos Santos, who drilled the ball into the net.

Just 7 minutes later, dos Santos scored again by controlling a deflected ball in the box, rounding Moss and all but walking it into the net.

In the 43rd minute, de Nigris – having earlier had a goal ruled out for offside and having two close-range shots saved – finally got on the score sheet when he tapped in a pass from Andres Guardado.

Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa had an easy evening for Mexico, making only two saves for the game.

DALLAS: June Events @ the Latino Cultural Center

DALLAS The Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, TX

June 1, 10 a.m.
Cine de Oro screening of La Oveja Negra
June 4, 7:30 p.m.
Summer Flamenco
Showcase by Daniel de Cordoba
June 6 – July 1
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
LCC Thriving Minds Summer Camp
June 10 & 11, 8 p.m.

¡Gaytino! Written & performed by Dan Guerrero

*LCC Summer Camp
June 6 – July 1, 2011
Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
!Hurry…a few spaces are still available!
The LCC will continue to register students until June 4, 2011 for its FREE Thriving Minds Summer Camp. Participants must be ages 11-14, reside in Dallas and must attend the entire duration of the camp. Enrollment is limited to 25 and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. A $20 registration fee will be charged to reserve your spot.
Led by professional artists and instructors David Lozano & Tammy McNary, campers will explore the world around them and express their imagination through visual and performing arts. This year, the LCC’s camp will focus on photography and theater. Participants will receive lunch and a daily snack — For more information call / Para más información llame al: 214.671.0045.

Friday & Saturday
June 10 & 11, 2011 @ 8 p.m.

The LCC is thrilled to present the regional premiere of the groundbreaking play ¡Gaytino!, written and performed by Dan Guerrero. Touching, hilarious and absolutely one-of-a-kind, Dan Guerrero brings his two disparate worlds together in one riveting show.
Described by the Washington Post as a “disarming twist on the triumph-of-the-human-spirit theme,” this one-man play takes us through decades of Chicano history and the gay experience from a unique and personal perspective. From Mariachi to Merman, Sondheim to César Chávez, this remarkable life journey takes the audience from East L.A. in the 1950s to New York’s Great White Way in the 1960s and 1970s, and back to Hollywood. A father/son relationship and a treasured boyhood friendship drive this 75-minute, autobiographical solo play with music.
Tickets can be purchased at or at the Latino Cultural Center. Early bird ticket buyers can save $5 online by using the code “tempranillo” through 6/3.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The fluttering red ribbons atop the 28-foot tall poles of an authentic tipi call for a gathering at the LCC Plaza! Awe and anticipations are reflected in faces as they take in the majestic beauty of smoke flaps spreading like wings, and the graceful conical shape of the tipi. Once seated inside this canvas cocoon, the ancient traditions of storytelling begin. Visitors listen to entertaining and informative tales from diverse cultures. Whether age 3 or 103 there are tipi stories to tell and to learn from and enjoy
Target Saturday Schedule for June / Target Sabado Horario para Junio:
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. – Studio Creations with the Dallas Museum of Art
12 to 12:45 p.m. – Tipi Tellers in the Plaza
1 to 2 p.m. – Juegos y Rondas with Ollimpaxqui Ballet Co.
1 to 3 p.m. – Children’s Craft Workshop
2 to 4 p.m. – Dance Class
*Programs offered during Target Second Saturday are free thanks to the generous support of Target!

*IN THE GALLERIES: René Alvarado, Memories from El Manantial & ¡Lotería!
NOW through AUGUST 20, 2011
If you missed the opening last month, don’t let another day go by without checking out these two great shows!
Our annual Maestros Tejanos exhibition featuring the work of painter René Alvarado in Memories from El Manantial. Alvarado is a consummate painter and storyteller. His large, colorful paintings are layered with multiple details and a highly personal iconography that draws upon the rich cultural heritage of his native Mexico and his adopted West Texas home of San Angelo. Blogger Kent Boyer described it “as a colorful powerhouse of a show.”
In a suite of 20 amazing prints, Michoacán artist Guadalupe Anaya reinvents the traditional images of the loteria cards (the heart, the hand, the frog, the spider, the siren…). Anaya uses various printmaking techniques – etching, aquatint, drypoint and chine collé – to create highly original interpretations of the traditional images.

Please note that from June 6-July 1, the LCC daytime hours will change due to our summer art camp.
Monday through Friday
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and evenings for performing arts events
2600 Live Oak
Dallas, TX 75204
Tel: 214.671.0045

If you live in the DFW area or plan to visit soon, make sure you check out the fun events @ the LCC. Have a great day! 🙂

SPORTS / DEPORTES: NBA Finals Game 1 Mavericks 84 Heat 92

2011 NBA FINALS: Dallas Mavs vs. Miami Heat

No explanation necessary. The Miami Heat are three wins from the reason why the Big Three came together in the first place.

James scored 24 points for his first win in five NBA Finals games, Wade scored 15 of his 22 points in the second half and the Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 92-84 in Game 1 of the title series on Tuesday night — holding the Western Conference champions to their lowest point total of the playoffs after a dominant defensive showing down the stretch.

“Feels good because it’s the first game and we played well as a team,” James said. “We’ve got a lot of work to do. … That’s one in the books. We’re excited about this game. Tomorrow we prepare for Game 2, and I see ways we can get better.”

Dirk Nowitzki scored 27 points — tearing a tendon in the middle finger on his left, non-shooting, hand during the game and revealing afterward that he’ll likely wear a splint throughout the remainder of the series — and grabbed eight rebounds for Dallas, which got 16 points and 10 rebounds from Shawn Marion and 12 points from Jason Terry, most of those coming in an early flurry. It was Dallas’ fifth straight loss to Miami in Finals games, dating to the Heat rally for the 2006 crown.

Dallas held the Heat to 39 percent shooting, Miami’s second-worst showing of the playoffs.

Problem was, the Mavericks shot 37 percent — by far, their worst night of the postseason offensively.
“You hold a team to 38 percent shooting and 92 points, for us, that’s usually a victory,” Marion said.

Sure enough, Dallas had been 7-2 when holding teams to those kind of numbers this season. Game 2 is Thursday in Miami.

“We’re a veteran team,” said Nowitzki, who had a postgame X-ray on the finger that was injured when he was stripping the ball from Bosh. “You can’t get down with a loss. You’ve got to come back strong on Thursday. I’ve said it a couple times in this playoff run, if you’re the road team, you’re happy with a split. So we’ve got another opportunity on Thursday to get one. Obviously, we don’t want to go home down 0-2.”

Wade’s 3-pointer with 3:06 left put the Heat up 82-73, then the largest lead of the game for either team. The Mavs shaved two points off it on the next possession when Nowitzki hit two free throws, but James gave the Heat their first double-digit lead of the Finals a few seconds later.

He dribbled upcourt against Marion, crossed his dribble over and got clear for a dunk while being fouled. The free throw made it 85-75, and most in the sellout, white-clad crowd began standing in anticipation.

Even then, it wasn’t over.

Nowitzki made two more free throws — he was 12 for 12 from the line for the game — with 1:36 left, cutting the Miami lead to six.

A momentary blip.

“They have two very good closers,” Nowitzki said, “two of the best in the game.”

Wade grabbed a key defensive rebound, dribbled away from three Dallas pursuers and found Bosh for a dunk with 1:08 left that restored the 10-point lead. Another dunk by James came with 38.6 seconds left, sealing the outcome.

“For me, going into the fourth quarter, it’s winning time,” James said.

Sure was, and the Heat fans knew it, breaking into their now-traditional tossing of their white seat covers.

“By and large, we’ve got to play better, just overall,” said Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, especially noting Miami’s 16-6 edge in offensive rebounds.

Miami outrebounded Dallas 46-36, got a gritty effort on both ends from reserve Mike Miller — who left with his left arm in a sling, but insisted he would be fine — and reaped rewards again from another strong fourth-quarter finish by Wade and James.

“That’s who they’ve been their entire careers,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said.

Bosh scored 19 points and Mario Chalmers added 12 for the Heat. The Heat trailed by eight points early in the third quarter before pulling away, remaining unbeaten — now 9-0 — at home in these playoffs and snapping Dallas’ five-game road postseason winning streak.

Dallas had 51 points after 26 minutes. The Mavericks scored 18 points in the next 18 minutes and 33 over the remainder of the game, as Miami’s defense found another gear.

“That’s kind of the way we’ve been winning games, of late,” Wade said. “You’ve got stay with it. You can’t get frustrated because the ball’s not going in. There’s other ways you can dominate the game and we was able to do that tonight. I thought we did a great job in the second half of rebounding the ball, limiting them to one shot as much as possible.”

Take away the 2006 NBA Finals, and Dallas came into Game 1 having beaten Miami 14 straight times. The only team that has lost to any team more times consecutively is Minnesota, which finished with the NBA’s worst record this season. The Timberwolves have lost 16 straight to San Antonio and Portland, and 15 straight to the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the Finals, it simply doesn’t seem to matter.
“We’ll play better. I’m very certain of that,” Carlisle said. “We had some opportunities. Shots we normally make, they didn’t go down. Look, it’s a long series. We’ll adjust.”

Wade — the hero of that 2006 championship — found himself with a couple extra minutes before tipoff because of an unusually long delay after the starters were introduced. So he went looking for inspiration. He screamed at his teammates, “Don’t say, ‘I wish I woulda,’ ” in the huddle before they took the court, his way of telling them not to leave anything in the proverbial tank during this series.

And then he slowly trotted to the other end of the court, pointed to his mother Jolinda in a baseline seat and gave her a hug as many in the crowd roared. He usually blows her a pregame kiss. On Tuesday, that wouldn’t suffice.

“We both said, ‘Here we go. We’re here again. We’re back,’ ” Wade said.

Both teams expect to ride defense in this series, and that was made perfectly evident in the opening 12 minutes. The teams combined to take 35 shots in the first quarter — and made 10.

Dallas led 17-16 after the first quarter, which was the lowest two-team output in the first quarter of Game 1 of a Finals in the shot clock era, according to STATS LLC. It tied the fourth-lowest total for any Finals quarter since 1955, bettering only the 30 points by the Magic and Lakers in Game 2 in 2009, and the 31 posted by the Jazz and Bulls in 1998’s Game 3 along with the Lakers and Celtics in 1969’s Game 4.

Everyone was struggling, maybe a little because of nerves, and mostly to do with the defensive intensity on both ends. James was 3 for 6 in the first quarter, while the rest of the Heat were 3 for 15. Half of Dallas’ four first-quarter baskets were 3-pointers by Jason Kidd, the team’s 38-year-old point guard searching for his first NBA title.

And the Mavericks had one — that’s right, one — 2-point basket in the game’s first 15:49, with 10 of their first 18 field goal attempts coming from 3-point range.

“We really didn’t play well at all tonight,” Terry said. “First quarter, 17 points and third quarter, 17 — that’s not our style of basketball. Give them credit. They disrupted our tempo and they finished at the end.”

Dallas opened the third quarter by scoring seven quick points, all on jumpers, the burst ending with DeShawn Stevenson’s 3-pointer with 10:03 remaining in the period — pushing the Mavericks’ lead to 51-43 and silencing a building that was still refilling after halftime.

“He had three days to shoot that and we didn’t get anybody near him,” Spoelstra said.

That was quickly fixed, and the rest of the third was largely all Miami.

“For the most part, we think we had chances to get a hold of this game,” Marion said. “And we let it get out of our hands.”

The Heat outscored Dallas 22-10 in the remainder of the quarter. Wade started the rally — just as he did in a series-saving effort for Miami in Game 3 of the ’06 Finals, giving the memorable “Nah, I ain’t going out like this” quote afterward — with two layups. And James beat the clock at the end of the period with an off-balance 3-pointer from near the Dallas bench for a 65-61 Miami lead.

“It’s one game, and that’s it,” Spoelstra said. “We’re already moving on.”
(via the AP)

TRAVEL / VIAJAR: Latin America Vacation Ideas

Now that summer is here and it’s the season to travel, here are some great vacation ideas for traveling to Latin America

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Belize, Guatemala, Honduras: The Maya Kings
Scholars have a better understanding of the way the ancient Maya lived, thanks to recent breakthroughs in deciphering Maya script. However, the reasons for the civilization’s collapse remain a mystery. Join expert David Drew for an archaeological survey of this lost civilization, from the hieroglyphic-inscribed monuments of Copán to the remote jungle ruins of Lamanai. Last year, the operator funded a project to train a local in pottery reconstruction to help maintain a small museum dedicated to the ruins’ artifacts. Andante Travels: “The Maya in Guatemala and Belize,” 15 days; $4,418.

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay: Tour del Sur – Good value; physically challenging
Pack your bike, sleeping bag, and stamina for this more-than-a-month-long cycling tour. Ride through lush coastal islands, the Juréia rain forest reserve, Circuito Vale Europeu (Brazil’s first offi­cial bike-touring route), and the mountains of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. You’ll stop at Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, and Montevideo—cities with many cycling aficionados. Tour d’Afrique: “Samba Tango Bicycle Expedition: Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires,” 36 days; $3,900.

Argentina, Chile: Patagonia Adventure – Physically challenging
Few things are as thrilling as riding cross-country on a motorcycle with nothing between you and your surroundings. With the dramatic geography of Patagonia as your backdrop, this road trip—from the heart of the Lake District, across the Andes, and into Tierra del Fuego—ups the ante. It’s Motorcycle Diaries, only more comfy. You’ll stop for a boat cruise along the Moreno Glacier, camp in Torres del Paine National Park, dig into traditional asados (Argentine barbecue meatfests), and overnight at local farmhouses. Compass Expeditions: “Patagonia Explorer,” 18 days; $7,290.

Ecuador: Galápagos Land and Sea – Family-friendly
The best way to explore the famed archipelago that sparked Darwin’s theory of evolution is the way the eminent naturalist himself did it: by land and sea. Spend the first half of the tour hiking and kayaking the volcanic islands for up-close looks at giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and other endemic species. Next, board a 20-passenger yacht to cruise the rugged shoreline in search of sea lion harems and primeval lava landscapes. Southern Explorations: “Galápagos Supreme,” 12 days; $4,895.

Peru: Saddle Up for the Inca Trail
Machu Picchu has been one of the world’s top tourist draws since American historian Hiram Bingham brought it to our attention exactly one hundred years ago this July. But few reach the Inca trail on horseback. This ride takes you through 15 different bio zones, starting in the foothills of the snowcapped Salkantay Mountain and stopping at small lodges along the way. The highlight is a private guided tour of the lost city. Mountain Lodges of Peru: “Lodge-to-Lodge Ride to Machu Picchu,” 7 days; $2,950.

Colombia: Lost and Found City – Good value
Surrounded by the dense jungle of northern Colombia, Ciudad Perdida was built by the Tayrona some 600 years before Machu Picchu. It was lost to the modern world until the mid-1970s, when archaeologists learned of its existence after ancient ceramic urns and other looted treasure began to appear on the black market. Getting there requires a rigorous, three-day trek through thick vegetation, waist-high rivers, and a final ascent up 1,200 moss-covered steps. Sleep in hammocks and bathe in rivers. Adventure Associates: “The Lost City, Journey to the 10th Century in Colombia,” 7 days; $1,390.

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SPORTS / DEPORTES: Andrus spiked in foot, out of lineup for Tuesdays game against the Rays

Andrus collided with Young when they both went to cover second base / Andrus chocó con Young cuando fueron a cubrir la segunda base

ENGLISH: Texas Ranger Elvis Andrus will not play against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday
Shortstop Elvis Andrus is not in the lineup for Tuesday’s game with the Rays after getting spiked in the left foot by second baseman Michael Young in the Rangers’ 11-5 victory on Monday.

Andrus, who did not play in the ninth inning, was limping afterward and had some swelling in the left foot.

The play occurred in the sixth inning. The Rays had runners on first and second with two outs when Sean Rodriguez hit a bouncer back up the middle. Both Andrus and Young went for the ball. Andrus got his glove on it but Young spiked him on a near-collision close to the base.


Español: Elvis Andrus de los Rangers de Texas no jugará el Martes ante los Rayos
El campocorto de los Rangers de Texas se lastimó el pie izquierdo luego de chocar con Michael Young en el partido de ayer. Aunque el percance de Andrus no traerá mayores consecuencias, los rancheros prefirieron darle la jornada libre al criollo.

Elvis Andrus no estará en la alineación de los Rangers de Texas para el partido esta tarde ante los Rayos en el Tropicana Field de Tampa Bay, que comenzará a las 5:40 p.m.

Andrus se lastimó el pie izquierdo en el partido del lunes por la noche, cuando chocó con el segunda base Michael Young en la sexta entrada. No obstante, el criollo se las arregló para ver acción hasta el final del partido.

Aunque el percance de Andrus no parece traer mayores consecuencias, el manager Ron Washington prefiere darle la jornada libre y colocará al también criollo, Andrés Eloy Blanco, en el campocorto de los Rangers.

SPORTS / DEPORTES: MAVS vs. HEAT in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

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MATCHUPS: MAVS favored over HEAT at more positions

A position-by-position look at the matchups in the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks:

CENTER: Joel Anthony vs. Tyson Chandler. Chandler receives plenty of credit for giving the Mavericks an interior defensive presence they long lacked, and he can score some, too: He had 14 points and 17 rebounds in a Nov. 27 victory over Miami. Anthony can give the Heat a boost with a timely offensive rebound or blocked shot, but he provides next to nothing offensively. Miami’s best lineup probably has Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem playing together up front. Edge: Mavericks.

POWER FORWARD: Chris Bosh vs. Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki is having as good a postseason as anyone, scoring 28.4 points per game and shooting nearly 52 percent from the field. He had two 40-point games in the Western Conference finals and now has the chance to make amends for a low point in his career, when he shot only 39 percent in the Mavs’ six-game loss to Miami in 2006. Bosh occasionally found it tough understanding his role as the No. 3 behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade but has it figured out now. He’s coming off an excellent East finals, averaging 23.2 points to earn a shot against his hometown team. Edge: Mavericks.

SMALL FORWARD: LeBron James vs. Shawn Marion. Quickly swept aside in his lone finals appearance, James has done everything it takes to give himself another shot, from clutch 3-pointers to timely defensive stops against the opponents’ top offensive player. The Heat know that if they keep it close, James can win it for him. The versatile Marion’s insertion into the starting lineup allowed the Mavericks to overcome the season-ending loss of Caron Butler in January, and he even delivered 26 points in the series-clinching victory over Oklahoma City in the last round. Edge: Heat.

SHOOTING GUARD: Dwyane Wade vs. DeShawn Stevenson. Wade wrecked Dallas’ first finals appearance, averaging 34.7 points and winning MVP honors as the Heat rallied from 2-0 down to win the series. He scored 42, 36, 43 and 36 points in the final four games. As unpopular as “The Decision” might have made James, Wade could hear the loudest boos when the series shifts to Texas. Stevenson is a good defender and will hit an occasional 3-pointer, but the Mavericks will have one of their reserves in here when they need to get anything done offensively. Edge: Heat.

POINT GUARD: Mike Bibby vs. Jason Kidd. Nearly was the point guard matchup in the 2002 finals, but Bibby’s Sacramento Kings lost Game 7 of the West finals to a Lakers team that went on to sweep Kidd’s New Jersey Nets. Bibby rarely has been a factor since joining the Heat during the season and lacks the speed to take advantage of the 38-year-old Kidd, who has perhaps lost a step on offense but has played terrific defense to give himself a third attempt at a ring. He has guarded Kobe Bryant and the much-taller Kevin Durant at times, and might get a crack at Wade in big spots in this series. Edge: Mavericks.

RESERVES: Mario Chalmers , Mike Miller , Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Juwan Howard vs. Jason Terry , J.J. Barea, Peja Stojakovic and Brendan Haywood. With Miller and Haslem healthy after battling injuries most of the season, the Heat can put their best possible lineup on the floor at the most important time. Haslem defended Nowitzki well in 2006 and will get opportunities again. But the Mavericks can surround their All-Star with plenty of perimeter shooting off their bench by going to Terry or Stojakovic, and Barea’s penetration is a good change of pace from Kidd. Haywood provides a solid backup in the middle to Chandler. Edge: Mavericks.

COACHES: Erik Spoelstra vs. Rick Carlisle. Few coaches had tougher jobs than Spoelstra, who many thought wouldn’t be around at the finish even if the Heat were. But team president Pat Riley believes in him and so do the Heat’s superstars, whom Spoelstra built into one of the league’s best defensive squads. Carlisle brought a similar defensive-minded approach to a team that was previously offense first, and his calm demeanor here will be an upgrade over Avery Johnson, who lost his cool while the Mavs were losing control of the series five years ago. Edge: Even.
(By BRIAN MAHONEY,AP Basketball Writer)

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DÉCOR / DECORACIÓN: Breakfast area design inspirations


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